Bayland designs and manufactures a large number of jacuzzi. Each jacuzzi tub is made of 3.5mm sanitary grade acrylic sheet with strong fibreglass reinforcement. We use CE or UL certified whirlpool pumps and air blowers for the hydromassage system and the airmassage system respectively. Only high quality parts and accessories can be equipped for these items, such as stainless steel hydromassasge and airmassage jets, brass fittings, quality electronic control panels, solid ash front panels. As standard, all our whirlpool jacuzzis come with an electricity leakage protector (CFCI).
Jacuzzi Tub (China)
Jacuzzi TubModel: BC653
1900*1500*830mm 1850*1560*750mm
  • A luxury jacuzzi tub assembled with waterfall marble bar counter, designed for two persons
  • High quality 5-set water adjusting hardware made of copper and coloured glaze
  • Whirlpool with 16 jets, air bubble with 12 colorful air bubble nozzles
  • 22 colorful fantastic lights, double PVC pillows and neck position waterfall inlets
  • Luxury computerized control panel with inside loundspeakers and CD/FM input
  • Brake drainage and overflow system
Jacuzzi Bath (China)
Jacuzzi BathItem: BC606
  • A high quality jacuzzi bath made of 5mm pearl-like sanitary grade acrylic sheet.
  • Hydromassage bath with 11 whirlpool jets, Air bubble function assembled with 8 antirust nozzles
  • Luxurious computerized touchpad control panel (digital), ozone disinfection
  • Multifunctional hand shower and moving valve
  • Colorfull underwater light
  • Inside loudspeakers with FM/CD input
  • Headrest pillow, quality water adjuster hardware set made of solid brass in chrome finish.
Jacuzzi Whirlpool (China)
Jacuzzi WhirlpoolCode: BZ648
  • Freestanding round jacuzzi assembled with 1.0HP whirlpool pump, easy to install
  • Fully surrounded acryl frontal panel
  • Whirlpool massage with 6 big nozzles
  • Luxury water adjusting hardware set made of solid copper
  • Quality rainbow faucet inlet
  • Multifunctional hand shower and pipe
  • Brake drainage and overflow system
  • CYC device
Jacuzzi Bathtub (China)
Jacuzzi BathtubProduct: BZ348
  • Round shape jacuzzi bathtub with fully encircled acrylic panel, accomodates two person
  • Jacuzzi spa with 6 jets, Electronic control panel
  • Hand held multifunctional spray head and long pipe
  • Hydro temperature and hydrodynamic adjusters made of brass with chrome finishing
  • Brake drainage system
  • Under water light
  • Stainless steel sunction cover
  • Luxury water spout source inlet faucet
Big Jacuzzi (China)
Big JacuzziCode: BC601
  • A big rectangle jacuzzi specially designed for accomodating double person/couple.
  • Whirlpool massage jetted with 14 stainless steel nozzles.
  • Luxury visual clear window assembled on front skirt.
  • Press touch on/off key.
  • Movable hand showering, double head rest pillows
  • High quality solid brass made water adjuster hardware set in chrome finish.
  • Copper brake drain & overflow.
  • Available in left-handed or right-handed, picture shows the right version.
Spa Jacuzzi (China)
Spa JacuzziModel: BC654
1800*1800*650mm 1700*1700*830mm 1550*1550*650mm 1500*1500*650mm
  • Luxury round spa jacuzzi for double / two person, equipped with waterfall marble bar counter
  • Double PVC pillow, operation control panel
  • Jetted with 14 spa whirlpool nozzles, 10 colorful air bubble jets
  • 14 fantastic colorful lights
  • Luxurious solid brass water adjusters with colored glaze button
  • Copper drainer and overflow, hand shower with pipe
Hotel Jacuzzi (China)
Hotel JacuzziProduct: BC652
1850*1000*720mm 1800*980*760mm 1720*1000*730mm
  • An ideal jacuzzi for luxurious hotel bathroom construction project
  • Marble bar counter waterfall inlet makes your hotel bathroom different
  • PVC pillow, neck position waterfall source inlet
  • Assembled with 8 jacuzzi jets, 6 colourful air massage nozzles
  • 6 fantastic colorful water lights
  • Luxurious solid brass water adjusters with colored glaze button
  • Copper overflow and drainage, hand showering
Large Jacuzzi (China)
Large JacuzziItem: BS640
2 Person Jacuzzi (China)
2 Person JacuzziCode: BC601B
  • Underground installation rectangular jacuzzi designed for 2 person
  • Water-resistance solid wood tub top edge, air press control key
  • Small square shower, 4 piece water adjusting hardware set
  • Totally 14 whirlpool jets, PU pillows for 2 person
  • Quality copper brake drainage and overflow, as well as recycling cover
LCD-TV Jacuzzi (China)
LCD-TV JacuzziModel: BS642
Whirlpool Jacuzzi (China)
Whirlpool JacuzziItem: BC655
Air Jacuzzi (China)
Air JacuzziCode: BZ346
  • Assembled with air bubble system with 16 jets
  • Jacuzzi whirlpool with CE/UL certified pump and 21 nozzles
  • Round shape, fully surrounding panel, freestanding installation
  • Large size, suitable for two -- four persons
  • Computer control with digital display, loudspeakers and CD/FM input
  • Multifunctional hand shower
  • Quality solid brass hardware set, water spout inlet
  • Brake drain outlet and overflow made from coper with pvc pipe
  • Stainless steel circling cover
Bathroom Jacuzzi (China)
Bathroom JacuzziModel: BS608B
  • Corner installation quadrant jacuzzi fits most kinds of bathroom, making ultimate use of space
  • Hydro massage system assembled with 6 antirust steel nozzles, Colorful underwater lamp
  • Air press on/off button (computerized electronic control pod is optional)
  • Multifunctional hand shower with moving valve, two comfortable tub PVC pillows
  • Built-in visual clear glass window in front panel
  • High quality solid brass spout inlet in chrome finish
  • Solid brass water adjuster hardware in chrome
  • Copper brake drainage & overflow, retiform antirust circulation
  • Bubble massage with CE/UL approved air blower is optional
Home Jacuzzi (China)
Home JacuzziProduct: BC638
1800*900*770mm 1700*850*770mm
  • A grey-dark acrylic jacuzzi, matching your bathroom or home needs
  • Luxury frontal visual glass window, stainless steel shelf and PU pillow
  • Quality pump, six big roating jets
  • 3-speed shower head, solid brass water adjusters
  • Drainage and overflow system
Double Jacuzzi (China)
Double JacuzziItem: BS330
  • A large size jacuzzi bath suitable for double (two persons)
  • Hydrotherapy spa assembled with 11 nozzles and UL/CE approved pump
  • Loudspeakers on front panel with FM/CD input inside, double pillows
  • Hand held movable spray head and valve, water spout source inlet faucet
  • Computer control and display
  • Hydro pressure and temperature adjusters, one soap shelf
  • Copper drainage device and PVC pipe, suction rustproof cover
Blue Jacuzzi (China)
Blue JacuzziCode: BZ302
1800*850*750mm 1600*850*750mm
  • Assembled with double side glass window, fully encircled front panels, freestanding installation
  • Air bubble with 8 jets, whirlpool hydromassage equipped with 6 jacuzzi nozzles
  • Multifunctional handy shower, water spout inlet faucet
  • Loudspeakers with FM/CD input
  • Control panel with display
  • Underwater lamp, pillow, drainage system
  • Luxury copper hardware set in chrome polishing
  • Suction cover
Black Jacuzzi (China)
Black JacuzziProduct: BC607
  • A luxury-design jacuzzi made of black acrylic sheet, one-shot moulded production technique
  • Whirlpool hydromassage with 13 jets
  • Touch on/off control botton
  • Luxurious handy showering and rail
  • Comfortable heard rest pillow
  • Luxury double side visual glass windows
  • High quality water adjusters hardware
  • Suction, brake drain & overflow
Private Jacuzzi (China)
Private JacuzziModel: BC602B
Corner Jacuzzi (China)
Corner JacuzziItem: BS605
  • Especially suitable for installing in bathroom corner, easy installation and space-saving
  • Jauczzi spa jetted with 6 stainless steel jets, equipped with a blue glass visual window
  • Air press on/off key (Electronic control plate is available on request)
  • Multi-functional hand shower with moving valve
  • High quality spout inlet made of solid brass in chrome polishing
  • Luxury brass water adjusters, PVC pillows
  • Circulation with antirust steel cover, copper brake drainage & overflow
  • Bubble massage system is optional
Luxury Jacuzzi (China)
Luxury JacuzziCode: BS641
Romantic Jacuzzi (China)
Romantic JacuzziModel: BS639
  • A romantic diamond shape jacuzzi suitable for double / two persons
  • Double PU pillows with stainless steel shelves
  • Luxury frontal clear glass window and towel bar
  • 16 whirlpool jacuzzi nozzels, multifunctional hand shower
  • water temperature and pressure adjusting set
  • Copper overflow and drain system
Two Person Jacuzzi (China)
Two Person JacuzziProduct: BZ301
  • A large size jacuzzi specially designed for accomodating two person
  • Fully encircled with front panels, freestanding installation, no need tiling
  • Whirlpool massage with 10 jets, airbubble massage with 10 jets
  • Control panel with display, loudspeakers with FM/CD input
  • Multifunctional hand shower
  • Luxury visual windows on double long sides
  • Water spout inlet, underwater light, two pillows, water adjusters, suction
  • Brake drain outlet & overflow
Modern Jacuzzi (China)
Modern JacuzziModel: BC306
  • Modern style jacuzzi tub assembled with frontal visual blue glass window
  • Hydromassage system with 1.0HP pump and six jacuzzi jets, underwater lamp
  • Control panel with display, inside FM/CD connector and loudspeakers outside
  • Spout water source inlet made from solid brass
  • Single pillow, two small soap brackets
  • Hydro temperature and pressure adjusters, hand multifunctional shower
  • Drainage and overflow, stainless steel circulation
  • Image shows the left-handed, right-handed version is available
Quality Jacuzzi (China)
Quality JacuzziItem: BS604
  • Hydro massage assembled with 6 jets, frontal visual window
  • Control button touch on/off
  • Multifunctional handy shower with pipe
  • Double headrest pillows
  • Waterfall source inlet
  • Quality brass water adjusters set in chrome finishing
  • Suction cover, brake drain outlet with overflow
Soaking Jacuzzi (China)
Soaking JacuzziCode: BS637
  • A corner jacuzzi tub equipped with CE/UL approved 1.2HP pump and 16 big soaking jets
  • Air touch on/off control button, 3 speed hand shower head
  • Double PU pillows with metal shelf
  • Luxury frontal visual window
  • Brake drainage
  • Solid metal hardware set for water temperature and pressure adjusting
Massage Jacuzzi (China)
Massage JacuzziProduct: BC636
  • Whirlpool massage equipped with 6 jacuzzi jets, 1.2HP pump
  • Luxury PU pillow with stainless steel shelf
  • 3-speed multifunctional shower with pipe
  • Solid brass water adjusting hardware set
  • Brake drain system with overflow, metal suction cover
Waterfall Jacuzzi (China)
Waterfall JacuzziModel: BS303
  • Designed for installation along wall corner, saving space
  • Comfortable spa massage with 6 jets, colorful underwater lamp
  • Luxury waterfall source inlet, multifunctional handy shower with moving pipe
  • Electronic control panel with display, loudspeakers on front panel with FM/CD connector inside
  • Visual window made of toughened glass
  • Hydrodynamic and temperature adjusters
  • Suction cover, overflow and brake drainage, two pillows
Oval Jacuzzi (China)
Oval JacuzziCode: BZ312
  • Oval shape jacuzzi with fully surrounded front panel, freestanding installation
  • Hydromassage spa assembled with 6 nozzles
  • Hand held multifunctional shower
  • Air touch control on/off
  • Water temperature and hydrodynamic adjusters
  • Spout inlet
  • Brake drainage device and overflow
  • Rustproof steel suction
Acrylic Jacuzzi (China)
Acrylic JacuzziItem: BS307
  • Made of sanitary grade acrylic sheet, luxury frontal glass view-in window
  • Whirlpool hydrotherapy by 750W jacuzzi pump with 6 jets, underwater light
  • Computer control with display, inside loudspeakers and FM/CD connector
  • Hand multifunctional shower with pipe
  • Spout inlet, water adjusters
  • Double outside soap shelves
  • Middle seat position, pillow
  • Suction cover, brake drain and overflow
Round Jacuzzi (China)
Round JacuzziModel: BZ647
  • A free standing installation round jacuzzi made of yellow acrylic sheet
  • 1.0HP jacuzzi pump equipped with 6 big roating nozzles
  • Quality water temperature and pressure adjusters
  • Luxury copper inlet faucet
  • Air touch on/off control
  • Multifunctional handy shower
  • Drainage and overflow system
Glass Jacuzzi (China)
Glass JacuzziCode: BS304
  • Middle seat position with on-top waterfall inlet and streamlined curve
  • Hydrotheray with 6 nozzles, luxury frontal glass view-in window
  • Comptuer control panel with display
  • Multi-functional hand shower, double pillow
  • Underwater light on bottom
  • Water adjuster hardware set, brake drainage and overflow, circulation antirust steel cover
Angle Jacuzzi (China)
Angle JacuzziProduct: BS305
  • Suitable for installation in bathroom angle / corner
  • Spa jacuzzi whirlpool equipped with 6 jets, air touch on/off operation button
  • Handy multifunctional shower, luxury visual window
  • Water source spount inlet, 2 PVC pillows
  • Adjusting hydro pressure and temperature hardware set
  • Suction made of stainless steel
  • Drainage system with overflow
Wooden Jacuzzi (China)
Wooden JacuzziItem: BC602
1800*890*710mm 1700*890*710mm
  • Wooden edge, equipped with luxury visual glass window in front panel
  • Hydro jacuzzi massage assembled with 6 rustproof spa jets
  • Air touch on/off key (control electronic plate is optional)
  • Square hand shower matching the tub outline, comfortable bath pillow
  • Good quality water temperature and hydrodynamic adjusters
  • Rustproof steel suction cover, copper brake drain & overflow
  • Available in left or righ version, image shows the right version
  • Bubble massage with CE/UL certified air blower is optional
Fiberglass Jacuzzi (China)
Fiberglass JacuzziCode: BC635
Freestanding Jacuzzi (China)
Freestanding JacuzziModel: BZ627
  • A freestanding style jacuzzi, easy to install
  • Seamless fully-surrounded frontal panel
  • Inside stailess steel frame structure with adjusting feet
  • 6 jacuzzi massage jets
  • Drainage system
  • Quality hardware set and shower
Couple Jacuzzi (China)
Couple JacuzziItem: BS315
  • A right-handed jacuzzi designed for accomodating couple / two person, left-handed available
  • Whirlpool massage equipped with seven jets, electronic control panel with display
  • Double head rest pillows, hand multifunctional moving shower with long pipe
  • High quality solid brass hardware set
  • Two loudspeakers outside connected with FM/CD input inside
  • Water spout inlet, copper brake drain outlet and overflow, stainless steel suction
  • Air bubbling, under water lamp and heating system are optional
Bubble Jacuzzi (China)
Bubble JacuzziModel: BS333
  • A large size jacuzzi designed for accommodating two person
  • Air bubble assembled with 8 jets, spa hydromassage equipped with 6 nozzles
  • Electronic control panel and display, FM/CD input inside
  • Two pillows, colorful underwater light
  • Luxury cascade water inlet on top with a near seat position
  • Hardware set for temperature and hydrodynamic adjust
  • Stainless steel suction cover, drainage device, hand held spray head
White Jacuzzi (China)
White JacuzziCode: BS309
  • A classic triangular corner tub
  • Whirlpool massage equipped with 6 jets and 1.0HP jacuzzi pump, air touch operation button
  • Hand held multifunctional spraying head and pipe
  • Brass spout faucet inlet, two pillows, luxury hardware set
  • Suction cover
  • Brake drainage and overflow device
  • Other functions are optional
Indoor Jacuzzi (China)
Indoor JacuzziProduct: BS313
  • Corner shape, suitable for indoor installtion
  • Hydrotherapy assembled with CE/UL passed pump and totally 13 nozzles
  • Air touch operation control button, PVC pillow and stainless steel handle
  • Hand held multifunctional spray head and movable long pipe
  • Luxury metal hardware set made from brass for temperature and pressure adjust
  • Quality copper spout water inlet, metal CYC cover, drainage device
  • Jacuzzi computer control is optional
Jetted Jacuzzi (China)
Jetted JacuzziItem: BZ337
1700*800*600mm 1500*800*600mm
  • Oval shape jacuzzi with fully encircled front panel, jetted with 5 whirlpool jets inside
  • Free standing, easy to install and remove
  • Air touch control key, hand held spraying head and moving pipe
  • Hydro pressure and temperature adjusters, stainless steel suction cover
  • Drainage system and overflow
Free Standing Jacuzzi (China)
Free Standing JacuzziCode: BZ353
  • One-shot moulded free standing jacuzzi in complete set
  • Hydrotherapy with 6 nozzles, double head rest pillows
  • Air touch on/off, multifunctional hand held spray head
  • Hydro pressure and temperature adjusters, overflow and brake drainage
  • Rustpoof steel suction, spout faucet water inlet
Hydro Jacuzzi (China)
Hydro JacuzziModel: BS317
  • Hydro massasge assembled with 8 jets, stainless steel hand armrests
  • 2 head rest pillow, air press on/off button
  • Multifuncitonal hand held spraying head with valve
  • Water spout inlet, temperature and hyro pressure adjusters
  • CYC cover, drainage system
  • Frontal natural marble step
Single Jacuzzi (China)
Single JacuzziProduct: BC339
  • 150cm width rectangular jacuzzi designed for single / one person
  • Whirlpool massage equipped with 750W pump and 6 jets
  • Air touch on/off control, handy multifunctional shower
  • Metal suction cover, water spout inlet, PVC head rest pillow
  • Brass hardware set in chrome finishing
  • Brake drainage device and overflow with pipe
Rectangular Jacuzzi (China)
Rectangular JacuzziCode: BC316
  • Rectangular soaking massage assembled with 750W UL/CE approved pump, jetting with 6 nozzles
  • Frontal glass mirror, air press on/off control button
  • Quality stainless steel handrail, head rest pillow
  • Water spout inlet, Handy multifunctional spray head
  • Metal hardware set for temperature and pressure adjusting
  • Suction cover, drainage device
Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi (China)
Hydrotherapy JacuzziItem: BC321
1700*850*620mm 1500*850*620mm
  • Hydrotherapy water massage assembling 7 jets
  • Water spout source inlet faucet
  • Air touch control button key for on/off
  • Hydro pressure and temperature adjusters
  • Hand held spraying head with movable long pipe
  • Suction metal rustproof cover
  • Coper brake drain device and overflow system
55" Jacuzzi (China)
55" JacuzziModel: BC341
1700*850*650mm 1700*750*650mm 1600*750*650mm 1500*750*650mm 1400*750*650mm
  • A rectangular common bathroom jacuzzi, economic and easy to maintain
  • Electronic computer control panel for operating functions
  • Comfortale spa hydromassage by 6 nozzles, assembling a 1.0 HP pump
  • A PVC pillow, multifunctional hand shower, suction antirust steel cover
  • Temperature and pressure hardware set, quality copper drain and overflow device
  • Water spout faucet inlet
Small Jacuzzi (China)
Small JacuzziCode: BC340
1500*750*650mm 1400*750*650mm
  • A right-handed small size jacuzzi, left version is also available
  • Air press button on/off
  • Whirlpool massage with 1.0hp (750W) pump, 6 nozzles
  • Tub pillow, multifunctional handy shower and pipe
  • Hardware set for adjusting temperature and hydrodynamic
  • Stainless steel suction, drainage device and overflow, spout inlet
Rainbow Jacuzzi (China)
Rainbow JacuzziProduct: BC318
1730*930*700mm 1530*930*700mm 1430*930*700mm
  • Whirlpool massage assembled with 6 jets and 1.0HP pump
  • Double soap rack outside, quality stainless steel handrail
  • Air press switch button, rainbow shape Water spout inlet
  • Luxury hardware set, hand held spray head with 3 functions
  • Drainage device and overflow, suction, head rest pillow
Hydromassage Jacuzzi (China)
Hydromassage JacuzziModel: BC320
  • Spa hydromassage assembled with 1.0 HP pump and 6 jets
  • Electronic computer control panel with display for jacuzzi operation
  • Inside loudspeakers and FM/CD connector
  • Multifunctional handy shower, frontal mirror
  • Head rest pillow
  • Brake drainage and overflow device, suction cover
  • Hydrodynamic and temperature adjusters
160cm Jacuzzi (China)
160cm JacuzziCode: BC611A
1700*750*650mm 1600*750*650mm
  • Suitable for single / one person to use
  • Air touch on/off button, whirlpool massage with 6 jacuzzi nozzles
  • Hand held spray head and movable pipe
  • Bathtub pillow, drainage device
  • Suction cover, water adjusters